Ghost busters should be left jobless

Italo Calvino said: The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts. Describe the ghosts that live in this house: Image credit: “love Don’t live here anymore…” – © 2009 Robb North – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

This is a clear quote of how the past will always haunt a person. Even the strongest of the bunch will find himself lost  in the midst of thought of could’ve should’ve and would’ve.

I myself find myself almost deranged at the thoughts that at time flood in at one go making me loose contact with the here and now.

Ultimately besides the skeletons that every single one of us has. and yes this is a sweeping statement because I stand by the fact that everyone has one thing that they don’t share with everybody even with their life partners or childhood best friend.

Ghosts exists and as much as I would love Casper to be the real deal I do not believe in those types of ghosts but suggests the validity of the past that will always be part of the core reasons that a person finds themselves in a consistent reality.

This just means you can never leave, forget, erase nor cover up your past. Because sadly there is someone who knows of it and that person is YOU. suppression works at the best of times but the unconscious mind just works overtime in that process.

So to me suppression vs embracing becomes a key tool in entertaining your ghosts. If you suppress them you just leave yourself blind from past mistakes and you embracing them just means you understand the phrase.


So no do not call in the ghost busters as yet. Imagine your ow Casper as a road map of where not to go again.


Diariya entry

My mind works in frequent pauses and this just keeps me sane enough to be able to soak in everything that happens around me.

Do you remember me saying that this blog is of many wonders? I guess it has not lived up to that phrase but yes most of the content here is content based on the thoughts and wonders that occur to me during these pauses that I have mentioned.

So yes calm down!

Blogging about love and it being precious and it being the center of the universe is by far the last wonder I would want to explore. My point is that some things do not need to be pondered on just for sanity sakes brief evaluations are required especially in situations of love lost. Sometimes one just needs to get to grips with cold reality and CALM THE HELL DOWN.

Diariya of a mad black woman who figures that short and sweet does it better then long and blurry.

Calm down…love dont live there no more!

Living in exclamation marks has never done anyone no good. So yes CALM THE HELL DOWN….

There is a saying which says  live and love lost, I think it says that but picture having loved something or someone…. yes now hold it there.


No reason to imagine what you did not love or what made you lose that love.

I always reckon that it is only fare to yourself that you never regret any relations that you once had with a person now lost

. Remember the days that you shared with that person that made you love and believe that there is no other person that you would feel so in sync with. Be it a friend or a lover or even a family member.

I wrote and saved this post a while ago and did not have the guts to post it as is. Sometimes we don’t always need long lectures which show you different ways of proving one single truth at time short and sweet does it better and gets the point across whether it be through this blog, through a a quote seen somewhere or from overhearing a small part of a strangers conversation.

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Near death with a brick wall



This is the script that is ringing through my mind. And I admit it was my fault 100%. This is were my skill of eye, hand, foot, and ear coordination got tested. AND I FAILED.

My neighbors wall is could give you brief insights of my results. This is me as a learner driver and since I am a see it to believe type of woman. I insisted on having my lessons at night, kindly sponsored by my significant other who of cause could never say no to me.

Well yesterday as he sat next to me screaming those words to me I heard anger, fear regret and of cause distress of the passenger driver. I could almost feel his own foot trying to make my foot press harder on the breaks as I watched on as the car rolled off the road and into the neighbors wall.

My head knew what to do but the message to my foot got lost in translation as I screamed in confusion, yes it was as dramatic as it seems but not entirely because I have managed to come and write this post. So yes I am intact unbruised but with a battered ego.

brick wall parking

I now hold my tail between my legs headed to the professional driving school, with a lesson learned in skills of never driving a persons car with no formal training and especially never at night.

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Reasons why I cant blog


Its actually not as bad as I made the heading seem but yes Blogging is a difficult task.

But they say honesty is the best policy.

From figuring out the best way to word a good subject to the downward feeling you get when no one even bothers to visit your page.

Well I googled a lot and looked at examples of blogs that seemed interesting and no, no inspiration hit me there.

I asked for help from a journalism and PR student for writing tips and guess what no help there. Its either I am just dim or the conversations I have in my head are prisoner to everything else I hear and see everyday.

Another reason I seem to not know how to blog is having to catch up and remember that I need to blog so as to keep a steady following and interest in the blog.

So that means I actually avoid having to sit at my screen and put thoughts to characters.

No this is by no means an attempt for pity but a means of recovery…..

I have been hearing the word reverse psychology a lot these days and maybe this type of reverse psychology will eventually make me a blogger of note. Look you reading this are you not? Happiness a step in the right direction.

They also say practice makes perfect let me follow through with it.


In instances of Jive

cache_2412096932 jive

I could not effectively imagine a way to describe the many times I have watched black woman breaking a move, wether it be in a club, street bash, wedding or church praise and worship.

I am trying to imagine the first person who decided to come up with the word jaive and what that person was doing or how that person was moving at the time. As far as I can remember back I think of the Bum jaive a dance my mom still thinks in 2013 is good enough to enact in a twerked up public!

Jiving (dancing) is something that comes almost naturally to a black woman, it is often said that black people have born rhythm I agree to that only partially, because I for one look like a retard when trying to bust a decent move at the best of times.

Dance is undoubtedly a means of expression, a form of release and a chance for you to not be as mindful of your steps like when you walk round and about. My favorite Jive for the moment is the stumbo and yes it is tricky because of the pulsed moves and the counting ” 1-2/123″. I am actually doing it under the table as I type.

994484_823341 twerk

You see kids stumping the move, to brides and her wedding party pulling a choreographed move! Oh yes I did not mention that jiving or the (step) in black weddings is a central “project” of wedding planning item because it is choreographed practiced and timed at different and significant moments during the wedding.

The point of this jive post actually came from a urge to have a massive dance fest as some or any party. To the point that i could feel my insides moving as I plug in my earphones. There are a lot of instances of jive I can refer to but would much rather read what your most favorite instances of jive are for you

#Jaive #Dance #Move #break #Freedom

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beauties of a black woman


Dont just think of her complexion nor her curves. Picture the most beautiful thing that you have ever seen in your life. It might be a sunset near the beach, it might be that shoe you know you could never afford.

The beauties of a black woman all emulate from her crowning glory which is her hair. My fellow black ladies will surely agree with me in saying that no day is a good day if your hair has booked a bad hair day.

The most time spent when a black woman is not at home is most probably at the salon, that is because of the investment of hours put into creating a well did crown. Oh no no hair is never just hair, I for one have spent most of my earnings towards my hair and therefore will call it my crown.


Since I was not born into a royal crown, every month I maintain my naturally given crown. Although at times it is not really hair coming from my roots, it still is MY hair because yes I bought it. I invest in my crown and my rewards are:

Comments, beautiful pictures, better wardrobe choices, glowing skin and a bond made deeper with my hair stylist. these rewards might not be of gold, royal benefits nor of an actual prince charming. But these rewards sure do make my day and are worth a smile and spring in my step.